Who We Are

Core Values of the Brewery

We have six core values at Magnify Brewing Company that make us unique and provide the foundation for everything we do:

  1. High Quality: At Magnify Brewing Company, our focus is on creating high quality beers. To accomplish this, the entire organization is committed to excellence. This high standard, coupled with our use of only the finest ingredients and our ability to self-distribute, helps us achieve this goal. Self-distribution allows us to deal directly with our retailers, and therefore, we are able to monitor demand and modify production, which ensures that the beer we are selling will always be fresh. We take no shortcuts on the quality of our beer.
  2. Innovation: We have four core, year round, beers, including Vine Shine IPA, Search Saison, Pale Ale, and our Black Wheat Ale. Aside from these beers, which will be sold throughout New Jersey, we will regularly release small batch experimental and innovative beers every 4-6 weeks. We are committed to continually adding and changing our beers to offer a wide selection, which will incorporate new hop varieties and ingredients, and keep things interesting.
  3. Tasting Room: As proud as we are of our brewery, we are also of our tasting room. We have worked hard to bring the tasting room to life. We created a place with a unique and inviting atmosphere. We believe our tasting room completes our vision of becoming not only a place that brews great beer, but a great place to enjoy a fresh pint as well.
  4. Location: We are located in Fairfield, NJ, which helps us achieve our goal of magnifying the craft beer scene of northern New Jersey. We are located very close to several major highways and easily accessible. Whether you are a craft beer novice or expert, we hope you stop by to check out our brewery and sample our beers.
  5. Environmental Awareness: Environmental sustainability is key to our business. Throughout our daily operations, we are committed to being sustainable and doing everything we can to minimize our impact on the environment. Our focus so far has been on using energy saving and efficient equipment, using mostly recyclable materials in the construction of our tasting room, and donating our spent grain to farmers. As we continue to grow and move forward, we will always keep sustainability in the forefront in our decision making process.
  6. Small Business and Community Support: As a small business, we understand the difficulties small businesses and entrepreneurs face. As a result, we are fortunate to have partnered with local businesses as Magnify Brewing Company came to life. We intend to partner with other local small businesses in the future and we will stay true to that commitment as we continue to grow. Additionally, we are dedicated to supporting the communities that we operate in. Our vision is to sponsor events, raise awareness, and/or provide financial support to local causes that are important to our neighbors and us.

Eric Ruta – Founder and President

Born and bred in New Jersey, I have lived there for most of my life. Growing up in the Garden State, I developed a deep connection with it and an appreciation of all it has to offer. I only lived outside of New Jersey during the four years that I attended Bates College in Maine. While living in Maine, I got to experience not only massive snowfall and extremely cold temperatures, but also a state that has a unique and interesting culture. I knew after graduation that I wanted to do something special that involved bringing a bit of Maine back to my home state.

Portland, Maine is an amazing city with so much to offer, but I was especially drawn to its amazing craft beer culture. I found myself exploring the Portland beer scene. I became fascinated by beer and its diversity and complexity of flavors.

As luck would have it, there was a brewery only a few miles away from my college. I was interested in experiencing the operations of a small, growing business that made a product I was passionate about. I worked at the brewery during my senior year with the objective of gaining as much knowledge as possible about the industry. This experience laid the foundation for me for I learned a great deal about the operations of a brewery, the various aspects of the craft beer industry, and the camaraderie and respect those in craft beer have for one another. As I mentioned, I knew that I wanted to bring a piece of Maine back to New Jersey with me, and at that point, I finally knew how.

I made the decision to open a craft brewery in northern New Jersey with a goal of bringing the best of my Maine experiences back home with me. By opening Magnify Brewing Company, I want to play a significant role in magnifying the craft beer culture throughout New Jersey. Magnify Brewing Company is about creating the highest quality beers. Our vision is to push the boundaries of beer, style, and flavor, without ever forgetting where we come from.

Erich Carrle – Head Brewer

My name wasn’t the only reason I got this job! After years of brewing on both sides of the country, I bring lots of experience to Magnify Brewing Company. Brewing in Brooklyn, San Jose, and San Francisco, I had the opportunity to make beer for many great breweries including KelSo of Brooklyn, Almanac, and Speakeasy Ales & Lagers. During this time, I was fortunate to have absorbed the passion and know-how from a diverse group of great brewers. I am excited to return to the East, and as part of Magnify Brewing Company, get the chance to make beers that will get people excited about the New Jersey beer scene.